Gloryland Nursery and Primary School (GPS)

Gloryland Nursery and Primary school (GPS) is a mixed Day private school. It was established in 2019 as a Christian founded school. It is under the umbrella of Lira Gloryland Educational Centre

Gloryland Nursery and Primary school (GPS) logo PNG

Knowledge is Power


The goal of Gloryland Primary School is to produce leaners who able to stand on their own and meet the needs of the community as well.
Besides the normal academics, GPS is fully engaged in co-curricular activities such as Athletics, Volley ball, Football, Netball, Music, Dance and Drama


To produce persons who are able to stand on their own, honour God and effectively contribute to nation building.


 To be a leading Christian school for quality education

“ Kwan Aber Kede Woro Obanga ”

. . . meaning Quality Education and Respect for God.


To raise a generation of its kind that will transform the communities in which they belong with integrity through skills and knowledge acquired through our programs.